" You’re still my person, even if I’m not yours. "
Anonymous: Of all the things you struggled/struggle with, which was the easiest to overcome or at least improve on? I personally struggle with pill addiction, self- harm, GAD, BPD, and bulimia. So I was just wondering what you found easiest to beat

Nothing is ever easy to beat. It all depends on the person. I still struggle with most things and still haven’t beaten yet from half my life. Personally, my drug addiction to mdma is the longest accomplishment I’ve built as far as struggling goes. I’ve been clean off illegal drugs for about two years now. It wasn’t the easiest to overcome. In fact, it was the most difficult obstacle to overcome in my life. But I stayed the strongest throughout my drug addiction.  

Anonymous: I understand you went through counseling and recovery. Did it actually work out good for you?

I’ve been an inpatient and went through counseling and recovery for all sorts of reasons. Only one of them worked really well for me. 

Anonymous: What are you planning to do for your birthday? Also, happy birthday! :)

Thank you so much! :) I’m hanging out with my best friend I haven’t seen in so long before her DUI program and getting sushi for dinner with a few close friends tonight. I really didn’t feel like doing much or anything special for my birthday this year. 


do you ever talk to someone and feel really happy no matter how shit the conversation is

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I’m officially 20.

Anonymous: do you have any flaws?

Is that even a question? Lol everyone does. I accepted most of my flaws though and I’ll even tell you my flaws because we’re all human beings. Nobody’s perfect and I hope everyone understands that. 

 Here are my flaws:

. I have very thin and lack a good amount of eyelashes. It’s a mix between genetics and having a horrible habit of plucking out my hair (including eyelashes). 

. I have “Megan fox” toe thumbs. I used to be VERY insecure about having such chubbily, odd-looking thumbs but I’ve grown to love them because my grandpa had them and we were very close and I didn’t notice them until he passed away and we were viewing the body. I just thought it was really cool that he had them and that I know exactly who I got it from lol. 

. My veins are completely noticeable on my arms and hands. It’s pretty gross looking and people think I’m not getting enough nutrients or I lack body fat. I have a very good amount of body fat. Again, it’s all genetics. Everyone has veins, mine just happens to pop out a lot more than most people. 

. I have a chipped front tooth. Three words: Caramel Apple Lollipop. Lol it’s very small and very few people have pointed it out or noticed it. I personally love having a chipped tooth. I’ve had it filled in once and it chipped off after eating. My dentist told me that they can give me a stronger filling for it but I didn’t accept the offer because I started to like it.

. I don’t have thin fingers or toes like most girls. In my opinion, girl’s hands and feet can look absolutely gorgeous but mine looks like a child’s lol. Although I have small hands and feet, my fingers and toes are pretty stubby and round looking. 

. My left pinky is less than 2 inches long. I broke it when I was 8 when I used to play basketball. I didn’t know I broke it but the knuckle busted and I guess my pinky hasn’t grown ever since lol I rarely use my left pinky because it’s almost useless. It’s very weak and too short so I adjusted to using my ring finger more with my left hand. It became very natural to me. 

. I have naturally built legs. They will always look athletic and muscular. I’ve seen beautiful legs but mine are way too strong looking lol even if I don’t work out for a very long time, they will remain the same. I literally can’t do much about them but at least my legs are strong. :b 

it sucks when you try so hard for something that wouldn’t happen..

and knowing you’re doing your all for nothing yet you keep trying anyways.