Anonymous: What kind of foods have you made throughout your vegan journey? :)

Vegan foods I’ve made are stir-fry noodles, different types of soup, kare-kare (filipino dish but vegan style), sinigang (another filipino dish but vegan style), different types of pastas, fried rice, grilled vegan cheese sandwich, meatless orange chicken, tempura mixed vegetables, and vegan burgers. I’ve also baked vegan style such as cinnamon muffins, sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies :) 

Anonymous: How are you adjusting to being vegan? Do you ever eat stuff that isn't vegan? What are done of your favorite things to eat now?

I worked my way slowly. I was a pescetarian for 8 years, vegetarian for a month, and now I’ve been a vegan for nearly four weeks. I didn’t cut everything out cold turkey because I practiced vegetarianism for a month and slowly took animal byproducts out of my diet. I haven’t had anything that isn’t vegan lately. I’ll probably start practicing “Raw till 4” as well when my body is comfortable enough to make that adjustment. I lost a lot of weight becoming vegan but I don’t want to drop weight so quickly so I make sure I eat more carbs. I’ve always loved tofu and stir-fry and vegetables so I don’t really have a favorite food as of now. I also make smoothies high in vitamins and protein. It also helps a lot when I go grocery shopping to look at the nutrition facts and check out the allergens if it contains any milk, eggs, fish, etc. 


"ive been kicked in the balls so i know what period cramps feel like"


Anonymous: 15-18


15. Made a new friend- yes

17. Laughed until you cried- not this year

18. Met someone who changed you- yes

Anonymous: 29,33,43

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for- I’m testing for second dan soon.

33. When is the last time you had sex?- Early Sunday morning

43. High school/college- For high school I went to Great Oak and Rancho Vista, for college I went to Palomar. I will be taking medical classes when I find a good school next semester. 

Anonymous: 53,55,56

53. First piercing- Ears

55. First hookup- I was 15 for my first hookup

56. First Bestfriend- I was 13 and we’re still best friends. 

Anonymous: 59,61,62

59. Eating- just had some pasta :3

61. I’m about to- see what my friend’s up to. 

62. Listening to- Find You by Zedd (Alex Goot cover)

Anonymous: 82,85
82. Been arrested- yes

85. Fallen for a friend- yes